Shawnee Boyeee (shawneeboyeee) wrote in rochesterscene,
Shawnee Boyeee

Shawnee BoyEEE and 40 oz of freedom

Damians Marshall and Monroe around the corner from the Bug Jar Greatest night of yr life be there might be a 3$ cover that will help out some fucked up musicians (at least one)doors open at 9 show starts 10 and theres a stripper pole Fri 24
Hear songs from Night of the Fool
and his new CD A Dirty Dessert to Curb the Hurt

40 oz of freedom started off as a sublime tribute band now they have grown and are going to keep you dancing and drinking so much yr gonna wanna combine Friday and Saturday into one big day and when you come to on gregorian sun yr gonna have some explaning to do to Allah

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    GREAT XMAS GIFTS!!! Thanks!

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  • SHOW

    May 20th, Bath NY @ The Days Inn Doors at 5:30, $7 under / $5 over ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CD RELEASE PARTY…

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